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Indoor Air Quality Assessment

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Homes have all sorts of pollutants that can put your health at risk. Some pollutants can be live organisms, mold, pests, or chemicals. For this reason, understanding and controlling the pollutants of a property is essential to reduce potential health concerns in the long run.

Aerial Advantage Property Services provides air quality testing for sellers, buyers, and homeowners in Lake Ozark, MO, and the surrounding areas.
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The air quality inspection includes mold assessment, radon testing, formaldehyde levels, carbon dioxide(CO2) levels, humidity levels, and a VOC test.

During the VOC test (volatile organic compound), you can expect me to measure the number of different materials in the air (per liter) and use the proper machine to measure two types of particulates:

  • Particles of 2.5mm or smaller, which the eye cannot see.
  • Particles of 10mm or larger, which are things we can see, like dust and pet dander.
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Trust me to test the air in your property and provide you with accurate and reliable results. During the inspection, I’d be glad to answer questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Contact me today to request your service in Lake Ozark, MO.

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